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Sheng Dexin special section - haven slot

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Baotou City wins Dexin special molding manufacturing Co. Ltd is a professional design and manufacture of intelligent channel (haven slot) building accessories company. Products are widely used in commercial and civil construction of concrete anchorage system, curtain wall support system and high-speed rail, EMU, subway, bridge tunnel, nuclear power and other projects.
Intelligent channel I produced by hot rolling process. The production efficiency is the general channel manufacturers 50%. Late processing core equipment are imported from abroad, has comparable quality abroad, the technical indicators are close to or exceed the same type of products abroad.
The quality control of all production process and final products are the implementation of European standards, design, production of various types of ordinary intelligent channel and toothed intelligent channel, the existing products through the mechanical property test of national authorities, and hold the relevant certificate and test report.
The company is willing to sincerely cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life, mutual good faith.

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