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Baotou City Shengde Xin special profiles Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the Inner Mongolia Prairie "Frank" Baotou City, it is a professional design and manufacture of intelligent channel (Haven slot) construction parts company. Our products are widely used in commercial and residential buildings of concrete anchoring systems, curtain wall support system and high-speed railway, motor car, subway, bridge and tunnel. Nuclear power and other projects.
Technical team members are former CRH Group Construction Accessories Ed (Germany Friedrichshafen management control) core technical staff has many years experience in the design of intelligent channel. First in China to develop intelligent channel for the domestic industry leader. Company R & D team are in this industry for many years, has first-class research and development experience, strong technical innovation and product development capabilities.
My company's intelligent channel using hot rolling process. Production efficiency is 50% higher than the general channel manufacturer. Post-processing core equipment are imported, with foreign comparable to similar quality, the technical indicators are close to or exceed similar foreign products.
Our company is committed to become the industry's leading manufacturing enterprises, all production processes and quality control of the final product are the implementation of European standards, can design, manufacture various types of ordinary intelligence channels and toothed intelligent channel, existing products through Mechanical properties of the national authority of the test, and hold relevant certificates and test reports.
The company is willing to sincerely cooperate with all colleagues, integrity reciprocity.

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